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Dr phil season 18 episode 86 full episode

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Phil Episodes Guide and Summaries. Discipline or Abuse? Phil, My Parents Did the Unthinkable. Who Did I Marry? Who's the Catfish? Danielle Is Back. Did Grandma Know? Who Is Matthew Dating? Jekyll and Mr. Help Me, Dr. The Women in the Photos Revealed! Phil, Help! An American talk show hosted by Dr.Join Next Episode Sign In.

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Learn more Got it. Phil Episodes Guide and Summaries. Where is Dulce? An American talk show hosted by Dr. Phil McGraw. The show covers a wide variety of human issue topics, including weight loss, financial planning, errant children, gift suggestions, and support for good causes.

Talk Shows. SyndicatedUS at pm. Oprah Winfrey. Stream on Powered by JustWatch. Sorry, no streaming providers are yet available for this show from your country. Previous Episode. Episode Summary. If you like Dr. Phil you may also like. The Ellen DeGeneres Show.

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Steve Harvey. Which TV Series would you suggest to people who enjoy Dr.Series Top News Premium Forum. Signup Login. Login with Facebook. Share on social media. Phil 8. Start following. You're blocking our ads.

If you don't want our ads please become a Premium user. Living in Chaos. Ask Dr. Kids and Weight. Marriage and Money. Phil's How To. Can't Stand Being a Mom. When Sexual Styles Don't Match. Fight Over Fat.

Should You Have A Baby? Heartbreaking Headlines. Body Image. Feuding Families. Revenge and Deception. Rescuing Angela.

Rescuing Angela, Part 2.

Dr. Phil Tells Guest He’s ‘Cheating’ His Wife By Allowing Her To Use Bipolar Disorder As An Excu…

Controlling People. Face Your Fears. Project Single Girls. Sibling Rivalry. Addicted To Mother vs.Sign In. Phil —. Year: Unknown. Add Image S18, Ep Error: please try again. Doug blames his former steroid addiction for causing him to have an affair with an year-old cheerleader; Amy says that Doug was always an abusive husband, and that he is using their children to manipulate her and pressure her to reconcile.

Emma says her grandson beat his thenmonth-old daughter, who suffered multiple life-threatening injuries, and she is still concerned for the child's well-being because her daughter adopted her and allowed her grandson to have contact with her. Homeless Tina says no one has been able to meet her halfway and help her get better; her son and daughter say she is spiraling out of control, acting violently toward law enforcement, and refusing any type of treatment.

Liz says she spends 11 to 13 hours every day jogging around her coffee table, until she reaches the equivalent of 50 miles on her activity tracker; musical artist Oil London undergoes 15 procedures to look like Jimin, from the K-pop group, BTS. Alisha says her year-old son is pushing his family to their limits of tolerance as they live in fear of his next violent outburst; his siblings have to barricade themselves in their rooms at night, and she fears that he will someday end someone's life.

Kalie, Susan, and Gabby raise awareness about a Christian boarding school, where they say they were abused; Lucinda, another former student, defends the work she says that pastor Ronald Williams has done; the founder's son, Ben Williams, speaks out.

Kalie, Susan, and Gabby want to shut down a Christian boarding school they were made to attend as teens, claiming the girls there are at great risk; Lucinda says it was a safe haven for her and many others; a former volunteer staff member weighs in.

Nick says his year-old sister, Jennifer, is a bad parent who prioritizes wild partying over good parenting of her year-old daughter, resulting in a long list of worrying behaviors from the girl, including violence, self-harm, and other incidents.

In MayMistie, a mom and housewife, made national headlines when she was arrested and convicted of having a sexual relationship with her underage, biological son, whom she did not raise; now out of prison, Mistie tells Dr. Phil her story. People lose their careers with tweets; a beauty contest winner's crown is removed because of comments she made on social media; a young woman is on her way to stardom with an international modeling career, when transphobic posts derail her dreams.

Brooklyn, 18, says she is sick and tired of her mother butting into her love life and trying to end her relationship with her boyfriend, Eric, just because he has a wife and two children; Eric's wife says that she will fight for her marriage. Jason says his ex-wife, Tina, refuses to be a parent, while their year-old daughter refuses to talk to him, because he is a disciplinarian; Tina says Jason has put up cameras to watch her and their daughter and listens to their conversations.

Jason and Tina's daughter says he has followed her home from school, had tried to fight with her boyfriend, and had taken pictures of her friends' license plates, and she ended up with a black eye and busted lip, during an argument with him.

A high-school cheerleader attempts to hire "hit men" to kill her parents; her parents speak out about why she wanted them dead; whether she will face decades in prison or be rehabilitated.

Loni says her fiance, Dustin, goes from sweet to furious in a split second, has called her names in front of their child, and often drinks 12 beers a night and 60 over the weekend; Dustin says the problem is that he lives in a state of boredom.

Linda and Chuck say that their year-old son, Mike, refuses to take "no" for an answer, follow their rules, go to school, or grow up; Mike says he's not the one who needs help -- his mother is the one who needs to be smacked in the face with reality. S18, Ep Ariana's widowed mother quit acting as a parent and started dating and going out, leaving her to raise her destructive, violent younger brothers: one of them killed the family dog, and the other gets strip-searched for weapons at school every day.

Siblings say their year-old retired mortgage-broker mother, Renee, is completely absorbed in her relationship with online scammer, "Thomas Nunez Hughes", to whom she has given hundreds of thousands of dollars.

Children's great-grandparents, Pamela and James Bond, and their mother, Kylla Mann, were arrested and charged with aggravated child abuse and for reckless endangerment; Dr.

Phil interviews the family about what they say had really happened. Anita says that, after graduating from NYU, her year-old son, Orrin, announced that he is a mechanized cyborg, who is part of a "collective intelligence" that was sent back in time by "higher beings" to warn humanity of the upcoming apocalypse.

Mary and Michael lost a daughter to an overdose inand they are worried about history repeating itself; their biggest fear is finding their other daughter, Shayne, dead from using drugs in her home, which is cluttered due to hoarding. Shayne is ready to confront her family about her drug addiction, and to confront her sister, Shelby, because she feels she is responsible for their other sister's death. After faking 10 previous pregnancies, Taylor produced a sonogram that convinced her family that she was telling the truth about her latest pregnancy, but after nine months, she told them she miscarried; Dr.Mark as watched.

Season Episode 1. Episode 2. Episode 3. Episode 4. Episode 5. Episode 6. Episode 7. Episode 8. Episode 9. Episode What Were They Thinking? Ukrainian Orphan: Child or Adult Sociopath? The Exclusive Interview. Innocent and Behind Bars? Amanda Knox Fights to Free the Wrongfully A 'Dr. Where is Dulce?

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Dr. Phil - Season 16

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Naruto filler list. Mobile apps. TV Tracker. Best VPN Phil - Season Weekdays on Premiered Sep 16, In Season. Watch your favorite shows on Prime Video. Episode Guide Printable. Six months ago, Dr. Phil met Courtney, who claimed her former friend, Amie, faked many pregnancies and even babies' deaths. John says that every day, he tries to put on a mask of normalcy because he has disturbing urges to torture, dismember, and kill people, and sometimes he even fears himself.

Episode Five years ago, Lacey claims her "voyeurs" began spying and speaking to her all day from the pond. She claims she's heard their "voices" through vents, heaters, and in the woods. She even suspects they are watching her through recording devices. Alaska Comes Clean Episode Episode Episode Enough Is Enough!

Love, Hip Hop, and Cyber Stalking? Phil takes a closer look at the Church of Wells, located in the town of Wells, Texas. A single mother of five children admits that she never wanted children, and prefers to avoid them. Also: a woman reveals a family secret to her mother. Phil continues his conversation with a young woman whose eating disorder puts her weight at 75 pounds. She opens up about her complicated relationship with the disorder and expresses concerns about family members.

Parents are worried about their daughter, who is struggling with a severe eating disorder. Her stepfather also believes that she is an attention-seeker. Jazmon's parents have been worried about her safety ever since she chose to leave her children and be with her current boyfriend, Mike. John Ludwick, who claims to have helped hide the body of missing teenager Natalee Holloway, was stabbed to death in Florida after he reportedly attempted to kidnap year-old Emily Heistand. Heistand is interviewed by Dr.

When Love Hurts Episode It's Destroying Our Marriage? Is Her Mom to Blame? Help Dr. Every Day She's Hustling Vivica A. She Got Kicked Out of School. Phil speaks with parents who are desperate for their year-old son to move out of their house. They claim that he is violent and too dependent on them, but he claims that his parents are not doing enough to help him get on his feet.

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Dr. Phil season 18 episode 86

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