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Eup vest fivem

20.11.2020 By Groramar

Hello everyone, Back at it again with another release. Today I bring you the best vest script on the forums. My Script brings very options for the user and many configurations. Overview This script provides three types of armour Light, Medium, Heavy, each has their own configurable value of armour and time it takes to put on. Each time you take an armour out a cooldown takes effect and you will have to wait till it is over to use another armour.

For medium and heavy you have to take it out from a car and it takes much longer to put on. You can drop the armour on the ground by hitting 7, when on the ground if near it you can use it or give it to someone. When giving armour you the cooldown only affects the person that takes the armour out of the car. In addition, the script will identify you as had given the armour and with this, you can have different times to put the vest on.

When you have the vest in your hands you have 2 mins can be changed to do something with the vest or it will delete its self in order to reduce server lag.

When taking it off the vest bases itself on how much value it has. So if you had a heavy vest but it was shot and the value is now 60 then the vest will classify as a medium vest.

Download [X-Vest] V1. This post will stay up but x-prop has been discontinued so you will need to find another way to attach props to players should be an easy fix, no support will be given to this post anymore. Yes Noah, you can have the script. Just fixed the files to trigger the right event if you downloaded it before this message redownload it.

Anyway to set what vest to use, i use EUP, and dont want random players having police vest, thanks great script awesome job. In the script I left a placeholder committed out for a job requirement. On line in client. Awesome script. Xerxes Line client.Forgot your password? Or sign in with one of these services. Guests can NOT download files.

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By Murphy Updated December 22, Servers Reviews. Home Public Discord Servers Discord servers tagged with fivem-leaks. Discord Servers fivem-leaks Discord servers tagged with fivem-leaks. Tags similar to fivem-leaks leaks leaking scripts fivem-scripts 86 fivem marketplace server free gta english roleplay community Bumped recently. Bumped recently Member Count. Showing 1 - 24 of servers. Green Leaks. All Games 1. Get link Mute this server Report this server. Green Leaks Over 6.

Go ahead and join! For the best leaks there is. Join this Server. Community 1. Color Leaks Corporation. Other 1. SP Leaks. Leaking Hub. Do you want a professional looking cad or do you want a professional looking website or do you want FiveM leaks you have found the place with everything join now!!! Professional community. We also offer a website were you can find leaks on or we also offer a database with all FiveM resources on and leaks!! We are the definition of all in one!

Helping you build your role play server and make it the best and compete for the top spot!! Conceal Leaks.By undeadXpotato. Planned Vest:.

eup vest fivem

Posted January I may have installed this wrong? Can you help me? Posted February 6. Can someone help me because when i add this to the eup stream the textures look really weird. Ive spent hours trying to figure this out. Posted February 7. Where should i be putting this? I want to put some nice vests like this in my sever on fivem. Any help would be much appreciated! Posted March TBH you need a lot of work when it comes down to modding, you have little instauctions on how to install it, you left a file tgat was just black.

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eup vest fivem

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So I probably didn't look into the file enough but how do you find the yellow shirts in the eup menu?

GTA 5 LSPDFR Police Mod Showcase - Emergency Uniform Pack 7.5 - Law \u0026 Order - Tactical Uniforms

Posted December 7, edited. Posted December 7, Posted December 14, Posted December 15, Do i need to install the other uniforms you linked and replace that files with yours?

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eup vest fivem

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eup vest fivem

I hope you enjoy this MOD! Highly Recommended. Released April Added Custom vest details Please read if you interested in this. Posted January 11 edited.

The ear piece doesn't work for me. Is it possbily the slot it's in? It loads into the game correctly, but when equipped nothing appears. It's as if the slot is empty. I'd recommend finding the slot for the default GTA ear piece or I think and using that slot?

Also, in the screenshots you have the ear piece and vest numbers numbered backwards. The ear piece iswhile the vest is Posted January Yeah no i'm definitely not complaining.

It's just weird how all of this is happening out of nowhere.


I need to learn how to model stuff lol. Posted January 13 edited. I can see you are updating the mod regularly. I would suggest handgun magazines, cuffs, and a body cam.

The vest is really coming along. It doesn't need a taser or anything. I think the tac vest looks better full. The picture is a nice example of what I mean. No need for the gun btw. Please keep it up. It looks amazing. I just started modding GTA and i barely started trying to texture because of this awesome kit. I'm trying to texture a sheriff skin but it hasnt turned out well at all, lmao!!!!

I have a female vest but used the wrong model and now her boobs stick out, lmao. I need help. Posted January 14 edited. Think before you post.We estimate the common macroeconomic factors using asymptotic principal component analysisdeveloped by Connor and Korajczyk (1986) and widely implemented for large macroeconomic panels (see Stock and Watson (2002a Watson (2002b Watson (2006), Ludvigson and Ng (2007, 2010), among others).

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