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H2o church staff

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We love leading a collegiate church together and believe that college students have incredible potential. That is why we take it as a great privilege to lead this community. If you have any questions or would like to talk with us, please feel free to reach out to us! I was amazed by the friendships, the commitment to each other and most of all the commitment to following Jesus completely.

So when it came time for me to graduate I felt a sense of calling, that God wanted me to stay part of what He was doing in this church and on campus at BGSU. I joined the staff team in the summer ofand I have been so thankful to be part of an amazing team of people who are seeking to bring glory to God by reaching students in Bowling Green.

Why H2O staff?

h2o church staff

My favorite part about being on staff with H2O is the opportunity to work with tomorrow's leaders who are passionate about serving Christ. That never gets old! Why H2O Staff? I love seeing young men and women encounter God and be sent on mission with Him. I love to teach the Bible and theology, mentor students, and shape the vision for the future of the church.

What refreshes you? Listening to podcasts, reading books on culture and mission, sipping too expensive coffee, watching movies with my kids, and going on dates with Tiffany!

What do you love about being on staff? I love getting to share life with students who are deciding how they want to live. Getting to point students to a truly fulfilling life is a blast! How did you first find out about H2O? I found out about H2O when I was a student. Me and a buddy were thinking, "well, it might be good to check out a church while we are in college," so we wandered into H2O in the student union.

Having a church I could walk to was a game changer! What I love about being on staff is working with some amazing people who love God and love investing in others. I joined the H2O church staff team because of the impact the church had on my life as a student. What do you enjoy? I enjoy overcoming challenges and investing in young leaders. On staff I love being able to minister to the young women in our church.

I always feel so humbled by how God works in their lives and the small role I get to play. Watching women grow spiritually, personally and in leadership one of my favorite things.Why you went on staff: Jesus rescued me from my destructive pride and sin at Ohio State, and it is an honor to be a part of the Lord pursuing buckeyes with the freedom of the Gospel.

Why you went on staff: God saved and redeemed my life while I was a student at Ohio State and I desired to see other broken, searching college students experience incredible life transformation and freedom through Jesus. Why you went on staff: I went on staff to bring the good news of Jesus Christ to international students at The Ohio State University, and through them, to the people of their nations.

Why you went on staff: College ministry had a big impact on my walk with God and I want to impact college students and future leaders for the gospel. What did you study in college?

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International Security and Intelligence with a minor in History. Why you went on staff: I saw the need on campus for positive, God fearing male role-models through men at H2O the Lord brought in to my life and felt called to be a part of that in Gospel legacy. Lewis, the Gulag Archipelago. Right now Dave is on Sabbatical!

Please contact jon. Why you went on staff: I went on staff because Jesus changed my life through a local church and gave me a passion to serve however I can. In my free time: I love reading, playing music, being active and going on adventures with my family. Why you went on staff: I wanted to be a part of God transforming the hearts and lives of men and women during their critical college years! Agricultural Systems Management, minor in Agribusiness.

My passion for it culminated through soil judging for 4 years in high school and 3 years in college at OSU. Why you went on staff: I grew up going to church every week with my family. God, in his mercy, opened my eyes to my brokenness and the idol of performance that was enslaving me, and I turned back to Christ for forgiveness. During many years of prayer and seeking God, he continued nurturing this vision for full-time missionary work. In my free time: I love spending quality time with friends and getting into deeper conversations about life and faith, as well as learning and playing new board games, exploring coffee shops, and going on walks and runs in nature.

Why you went on staff: Because Jesus is the way, truth, and life — and people need to know that. Why you went on staff: I went on staff because I love Jesus, love people, and believe God opened the door for me to be used for his Kingdom in this specific context.

It is an honor and joy to serve the Lord here at Ohio State, share the message of hope we have in Jesus to others who are searching for something bigger than themselves, and see God do his crazy life-transforming work to raise up the next generation of disciples.

My dream was to be a part of taking the Gospel to the campus, and seeing that work ring out to impact the world. In my free time: Playing sports and hanging out with my wife Heather and four teenagers.

In my free time: I love to learn how to make things. My abilities are a mile wide but only an inch deep. I tend to get board with doing the same thing for too long. Why you went on staff: Halfway through my junior year at OSU is when I put my faith in Jesus to direct my life and to save me from my sin.

I went on staff to help engage the campus of OSU with the hope of Jesus that is not fleeting and does not disappoint.John is a dad of 4 and husband of 1, and has pastored and planted churches over his year ministry career at places like Ball State and Southern Illinois. John loves kayaking, fishing, and brewing his own beer. Jim is from Cleveland, Ohio, plays ice hockey, loves motorcycles and loves football.

Jim has helped lead churches for 30 years. He loves to develop and train young leaders and build relationships with those who are far from God. He specializes in family and marriage counseling as well as mental health and addiction counseling. Steve is an incredible listener, and is a major reason that H2O is a safe place to be a broken person.

Allison is also Splash Kids Ministry Coordinator, loves kids and her unique skills serve our families well. Allison is also a member of the H2O Leadership Team.

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She is an accomplished opera singer and can rip a golf ball a long way…and catch bass…impressive. With a name like Gautreaux you might expect that Carey would be from Louisiana and you would be correct. Carey is passionate about leading worship and helping others connect with God in a deep and meaningful way. Carey attended Full Sail and is a full time lighting designer for a large AV Company that does all types of shows around the country.

He and his wife Brooke love traveling and have a cute doggo name Rosie. Kathy has served in a variety of roles with Reliant since and presently is the Staff Liason. Kathy is incredibly gifted, can manage multiple projects at one time and never miss a detail all with a smile on her face.

Kathy helps organize systems, financial operations and numerous details that nobody else would think of. Mary Ann oversees our social media communications and handles internal administrative functions for us to help H2O run smoothly.

Mary Ann loves to serve people, celebrate others, organize events, and helping others find joy in the Lord. Mary Ann has incredible energy and enthusiasm and just lights up a room with her joyous personality. She and her husband Haywood are the adventurous types who like to travel and enjoy the outdoors.

Mary Ann is also a partner and director for a national commercial diving support company. He and his wife, Jana, have been married for 30 years. Steve and Dawn have been married for 29 years, and have 3 kids.The staff team of H2O Church is made up of men and women who love, care and pray for the people at UC! If you have any questions or would like to talk to us, feel free to reach out to us!

What I Enjoy: being with people, playing and watching sports, laughing. I checked it out the first Sunday, fell in love with it, and the rest is history. Something Quirky: I have a pretty extreme laugh that's been known to scare people and make babies cry. Also I hate writing on my skin. Click here if you're interested in joining Grant's financial support team. Something Quirky: I often spontaneously dance in public. Click here if you're interested in joining Kyle's financial support team.

The community is amazing. Click here if you're interested in joining Daniel's financial support team. Something Quirky: I get made fun of on a consistent basis for holding my fork weird, and I find a lot of entertainment in awkward situations. Click here if you're interested in joining Cassi's financial support team. Deacon, Women's Ministry Director. W Tozer, Radical by David Platt. Click here if you're interested in joining Sarah's financial support team.

What I Enjoy: Impromptu jam sessions, hiking, watching hockey, good coffee, and hanging with people. A childhood friend of mine told me she was going to a Bible study in my dorm, so I joined her and I immediately fell in love with the community and the gospel-centered messages.

Something Quirky: I used to take weekly horseback riding lessons and still enjoy a ride when I can, I have a twin brother, and I love a nice cold Diet Coke.

Click here if you're interested in joining Laura's financial support team. What I Enjoy: Being with people, playing sports, reading, writing, pc gaming. Something Quirky: I consider swimming laps fun. Click here if you're interested in joining Zach's financial support team. Favorite Book s : The Cat and the Hat. My first semester I hit rock bottom and got connected with Grant Rohlfer; he lead me to the Lord and helped me get connected with H2O.

I love reptiles. Click here if you're interested in joining Johnathan's financial support team.

This is how we StoneWater

Click here if you're interested in joining Trevor's financial support team. Been a good friendship and ministry connection on campus at UC since. Campus Staff. What I Enjoy: Sharing a meal with people, day hikes, reading. Favorite Book s : The Book of Proverbs. Something Quirky: I am predominately left-handed and I will eat just about anything. I checked it out the first Sunday, fell in love with it, and the rest is history Something Quirky: I have a pretty extreme laugh that's been known to scare people and make babies cry.Join us for the journey by clicking on an icon above to find out more!

Or take the first steps to get connected by filling out our contact form. We will help connect you with a Group and include you on our emailed updates and notifications. God is eternal. Father, Son, and Holy Spirit. Completely good and holy. The Church is made up of all true believers. Sin wrong doing is a reality for all people, so each of us is separated from God.

This payment allows those who believe to return to a right relationship with God. All people are called to turn from their sin and believe in Christ Jesus. Followers of Jesus are to make disciples, in love and humility. H2O is a university organization and church designed to impact the campus and city of Bowling Green with a mission to invite people to find and follow Jesus.

We have seen God move in some amazing ways by changing countless lives.

h2o church staff

H2O is one of the largest student groups on campus, seeing over students attended our weekly worship services on campus and just over half of those involved in our Groups Bible studies of students.

Students are using their gifts as a part of the body of Christ to expand the work of God and their lives are being transformed. God's work is far from done and we invite you to join in the work that He is doing. With our hearts geared to reach college students, we also recognize the need for the whole community of Bowling Green to be involved.

Find out more on our Sunday's page.Pastor Johann January 4, - April 20, moved to Cincinnati with his wife, Grace, in to join the Physics faculty of the University of Cincinnati. Inboth Pastor Johann and Grace encountered Jesus.

Ever since, they have had a great love for His Word and sharing the Good News with people who are far from Christ. Inthey began to minister in Over-the- Rhine, walking the streets and sharing the Gospel.

Since then, they have ministered in OTR as tent-making, inner-city missionaries. They moved to OTR in upon completing renovations for the house they bought in now known as Vine House. Pastor Johann went to be with the Lord on April 20, To view Memorial Service: Click Here. To view Memorial Video: Click Here.

h2o church staff

Isaac graduated in with a B. Christine graduated from Boston University with a BA in psychology and served on staff with InterVarsity for one year. Through an Elijah and Samuel-like moment, God then led her to OTR and after serving two years as a missionary intern, she fell in love with OTR and came on staff in She primarily oversees the children's and teen's ministry, after-school programs and campus ministry at UC.

Christine desires to see a genuine hunger and thirst for Christ and restoration in the youth and families of OTR. Christine loves to snack, is an amateur baker and runner, and loves the Midwest! While in Philadelphia, she served at Grace Covenant Church.

She first came to OTR in for a summer missions trip, which is when God challenged her to let go of her plans and follow Him. He opened the door for her to spend a year interning in OTR, so she came back! Chris graduated from Emory in Through serving in ministry and in local justice organizations, he has found a joy in witnessing God's constant presence in difficult circumstances and Christ's overwhelming sufficiency.

After going to OTR in for summer missions and becoming an intern inChris came on staff in He engages with multiple communities within the ministry, as the youth ministry coordinator and overseeing the international student ministries. Chris looks forward to seeing how God will continue to make himself known among the ever-changing demographics of the city.Churches often struggle to determine pay levels for their pastors and staff.

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